International TableTop day Nerdblock box

Where were the tabletop items?
Created: Thursday, April 28, 2016

Geek and Sundry host a show by Wil Wheaton (he of Star Trek fame) called TableTop. I love this series as it promotes playing games (board, card, role play etc). It's funny, informative and helps to remove barriers to playing board games. Since 2012, they have a International TableTop day - which is a day to celebrate and promote board games. A fantastic idea. The downside is i am based in the UK and events are few and some distance away. Not to worry, I will help with setting up a small event for my friends.

To help celebrate this day, Geek and Sundry endorsed a special Nerdblock box. For those that do not know what these boxes are, they are a box (bet you didn't see that coming), which contain a number of items that relate to the theme. There are a lot of companies out there that are doing this now, but i suppose the best known one is LootCrate (which is my favourite, as it has consistent high quality products along with Exclusive Items). They arrive every month, as long as you pay the subscription.

So, Nerdblock were going to do an International TableTop edition. OK, i will have to pay more for shipping to the UK, but not to worry, more than happy to pay the extra. My main aim of getting the box was to promote TableTop day and to give away a couple of the items as prizes. I knew three of the items already - Some coins, a pack of playing cards, and a Magic the Gathering figure. There would also be a t-shirt and other stuff, some related to Geek and Sundry.

The Box Arrives

The box arrived and i opened it. My thoughts are below (along with the cost based on the packaging - in $US):

  • T-Shirt: A black t-shirt with the TableTop logo on it. Must admit, it was not a massive stretch of the imagination of the designer(s) to come up with that. Never mind, it's a t-shirt and i like t-shirts. ($8.00)
  • Playing Cards: Well, they are bog standard playing cards - with Geek and Sundry backing. A massive opportunity was missed here to add some custom cards - such as Wil and Felicia as the Jokers. I have loads of cards and these are all special designs so chances are I will not really play with them. ($3.46)
  • Magic The Gathering Toy: This was the largest item in the box. I got the Ajani Goldmane figure. It has been MANY years since i last played Magic, and while this is a good figure, it has a very limited audience appeal. It is not event a Limited Edition to this box, and can be purchased anywhere. ($4.00)
  • Geek and Sundry Coins: Which are NOT in fact coins but tokens. They come in a velvet pouch with Geek and Sundry on it. There are 5 tokens, in metal, with an enamel backing - Warrior, Bard, Wizard, Rogue, Barbarian. Would have been nice if they were all different colours, but so far this is the best item in the box. ($6.50)
  • Wil Wheaton's D6: It is known that Wil Wheaton throws rubbish dice, and this is a fun item that mocks this. All sides have a single pip, meaning you will always roll a one. I like this as it is fun and something related to International TableTop. ($4.00)
  • 'No Survivors' notepad: This is a bog standard cheap notepad with some Geek and Sundry branding on it. ($3.48)
  • Comic: Shadows of the Vampire, Dungeons and Dragons issue 1 comic - with a Geek and Sundry custom cover. Nothing more to be said about this - not interested. ($4.50)
  • Pencils: PENCILS. WTF. Yup, we get a couple of 'Embrace Your Weird' Felicia Day promotional pencils. And what is really annoying, is they cost more than the Figure. Go figure. ($4.05)
  • Bumper Sticker: Another promotional item that i am sure Geek and Sundry have in their offices. Really dull and boring. ($2.00)

My thoughts

All in all, this was a disappointment and a missed opportunity. There is very little that is good here, and VERY little to do with the theme at hand - International TableTop day. Personally, I think they should have ditched all the crap and instead added a number of promo items for board, dice, card games. Something's that could be used. What would have been bloody amazing is the inclusion of a GAME - something that people could have played on the day. I dunno, a fun version of Fluxx with artwork around the cast and other Geek and Sundry shows. Dump the generic figure for that.

Too much crappy self promotional stuff was also included. Pencils, really??? Bumper Sticker!?!?! When was the last time you used a bumper sticker?

If this is the quality that we can expect from Nerdblock then I am more than happy to NEVER sign up with them. A golden opportunity has been missed.