Star Wars: The Force Awakens

A new trilogy for a new generation
Created: Saturday, January 23, 2016

There is an Awakening in the Force

A few years back, it was announced that Disney would be buying the Star Wars franchise and would be making a number of new films. This filled me with happiness and trepidation at the same. Happiness that i would be see some more Star Wars movies, but trepidation as the prequels were poor.

The first trailer was released and the excitement factor increased massively. It 'FELT' like Star Wars. The second trailer was even better. If i wasn't careful, i would place this film on a pedestal and it could come crashing around me.

I started to hold off on articles and potential spoilers. I would watch the film and make up my own mind.

I was lucky enough to watch it on the day of release (lucky, as i only booked the tickets to see it that morning). I enjoyed the movie - a lot - but it did not blow me away. There were some niggling issues with the story/pacing that just annoyed me. The similarities to the other films was very obvious (if you have no idea what these are - do a Google search, there are thousands of websites talking about it).

I really enjoyed the new leads. Rey and Finn were fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing where their stories go. Han Solo was enjoyable, but i think he featured too much in the film. Yes, i was shocked at what happened to him, but was also a little pleased. He will no longer appear in the other 2 films - meaning the others will get the spotlight without Han hogging it. Kylo Ren was a good looking villain, and i enjoyed his childish tantrums, but he did not come across as evil or sinister like Vader did when i first saw him. I raised my eyes when they revealed the Star Killer - a bigger Death Star. Come on, i think we are clever enough to have something a little more original than that.

As i mentioned, i really enjoyed the film, and it was difficult to keep it a secret (i was determined NOT to spoil it for anyone - not even telling people if i liked the film or not unless the specially asked me for the opinion). Is it as good as Star Wars? No, not in my eyes. However, i did grow up with the originals, so i think i am biased towards them. I have bought some First Order figures - just like the ones i have as a kid. Yeah, i am still a big kid.

My Rating: 8 / 10