Star Trek 50th Celebrations

Created: Sunday, January 24, 2016

This year marks 50 years of Star Trek. I remember as a child of 6 or 7 watching Star Trek and loving it (i wanted to be Kirk). These were obviously reruns, but to me they were fresh.

When i was a teenager, the Next Generation started to air. This was pre internet, so we had to wait for them to air, or to purchase them on VHS tape (2 episodes per tape - about £10 a tape). It was pretty expensive to be a trek fan. Then DS9 and Voyager hit our screens while i was working. Enterprise i couldn't watch, i think i managed a season and a half. I enjoy the new films and am a little weary of the new film (Star Trek Beyond).

As you can seem, i am a fan, but not a mega fan.

But it is the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, so i need to celebrate it. I decided early on that i would not watch all the series again. I may watch the original series again later on in the year. So what can i do to celebrate it?

I purchased and have read the Autobiography of James T Kirk. I enjoyed this a lot. This game me the idea to continue with the Autobiographies, so i ordered most of the main cast books. Just missing Scotty and Bones (which i will hopefully pick up during the year). There are other fans at work, so i may try to organise a little get together at some point to watch a couple of movies.

Hopefully there will be other celebrations, and i will be able to take part in them.