Expanse Series

Totally gripping SciFi book series
Created: Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Expanse TV series is based on a series of books by James SA Corey. There are currently 5 books

I have read all 5 books, and was very happy when they announced that there would be a TV series based on the books. Then I found out it was SyFy, and admit that this made me very nervous. SyFy did not have a very good record of book adaptations, I think mainly due to lack of resources/funds. I was a little apprehensive when i downloaded and watched the first episode.

What is The Expanse?

The Expanse is set in our galaxy. Humanity has populated the stars - mainly on moons and large asteroids. The books are written from the point of views of a number of different characters. The first was from Miller and Holden. Holden is the only POV character in all the books to date.

Holden has a small tight crew, and with their ship they get themselves in to situations (trying hard not to give anything away). The books gave off a 'Firefly' vibe, a ship with a small crew trying to survive a living. The overall story arc seems to be a Galaxy cold war - Earth, Mars and the OPA (Outer Planets Alliance). Galaxy politics are happening, but the story concentrates on the smaller people. How the events are impacting them and how they deal with it.

The books are fantastic reads and I gave all 5 books 5/5 stars. There are a number of short story/novellas available to enhance some of the non POV characters. I encourage anyone how is interested in good reading to get the first book and read it. If it does capture you, then the other books wont help you out.

My Verdict

The first episode was brilliant. OK, there were a few characters that did not match my mental images, but apart from that it was spot on. The pacing, the style, the quality - SyFy seemed to have put a lot of time and energy into this. I NEEDED to watch the rest of the series.

The series is a space opera, which means its a long story arc that will stretch over many seasons. This season doesn't fully cover book 1, but then is does include some characters and events from book 2 - which did happen at roughly the same time. I have heard that it is like 'Game of Thrones set in space'. This is not fair to either production, but with that said they have a lot of similarities. Firstly, it is character driven. Its the characters that drive the series and who you are invested in. The story is there, but it could be a little subtle for some people to comprehend (especially if you have not read the books). Secondly, it is not afraid to have a fairly large cast. Thirdly, it is not afraid to be a little confusing, not providing answers until later on. Lastly, the quality of the productions are VERY similar - ie, Extremely high.

This series has 10 episodes and I would encourage everyone to stick with it. You may find the first couple a little slow - but believe me, it gets much better. My only gripe is they do not complete the first book, but they DO finish in a place that makes sense. Season 2 has been approved, this pleases me a lot and I hope more seasons will get approved.

As with the books, I will give this 5 stars.

My Rating: 8 / 10