Batman v Superman Review

Created: Sunday, October 30, 2016

This is a part of my reboot, to watch more TV/Films. I made a commitment that i would buy at least 1 film a month that i have not seen before and watch it. This month was Warcraft, but they had a deal on for BluRays, so i also got

Batman v Superman

This may have been a risky purchase, due to all the negative press this film got when it was announced that Ben Affleck was going to be Batman. I initially thought that this may have been a good casting, as i think he could have done well with the playboy image. As Batman, not too sure. Then the images were released as i was not swayed either way.

I missed this cat the cinema, but a lot of my friends did go and see it - and their verdicts were not great. Never mind, i will wait until it is available to download. In a way i am glad i did, as i think the film really suits the disc/television experience. I think a lot of the hatred for this film was incorrect, and the media and critic reviews sites really wanted this film to fail - why? I have no reason at all. I came to this film with no expectations of a good film, and expecting a total stinker. I am pleased to say that this was not the case.

Before we go any further i want to make it clear that this is no Guardian of Galaxy (loved that film - 10/10), it is also not a Howard the Duck either. Yes, there are problems with the film, mainly to do with the editing of it. I think they tried to cram in too much into a film, and this is my opinion of the Ultimate Edition (about 30 mins extra). I honestly believe it should have been another hour in length, and split across a couple of movies. Some of the beginning of the film needed more explanation, a bigger build up and less chopping around.

I enjoyed the essence of the story. I liked how the animosity between Batman and Superman was being fuelled. Lex Luthor was a good role in this - but i did not enjoy Jesse Eisenburg performance. It came across too pantomime for my tastes. The show down was interesting, but Batman was being a dick - and this rubbed me the wrong way a little.

Anyhow, after the showdown, they become mates and fight against Lex Luthor - who has a super monster of his own. This is the big battle of the film, and Wonder Woman pops along for the fight. I really enjoyed this sub plot to the movie - especially the clips of Flash and Aquaman. Of course, this is all set up for her own franchise and the Justice League - but this was not over powering in this film.

The special effects were good as you would expect this day and age, and the ending was interesting.

As i stated at the beginning, i enjoyed this film, but it has some flaws. I have given it 7/10, but with better editing and pacing at the beginning, i think it could have been an 8/10.

My Rating: 7 / 10