Pawn of Prophecy

The quest begins
Created: Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The first book in the series builds up the world, as well as introduces us to some of the main cast. Garion is a small boy growing up on Faldors farm. He has no idea that he is to grow up to be someone special, and we are given a glimpse of his tranquil life on the farm. We are introduced to his friends, Doroon, Zubrette and Rundorig - all children roughly the same age as Garion. They go on adventures and play in the haylofts. It's around this time that Garion see a strange person who seems to be just watching him. This turns out to be the not so nice Asharak.

Garion is being looked after by his Aunt Pol, who just so happens to be the Sorceress Polgara. Pol is roughly 4000 years old, but we don't know that until later on in the book. She is looking after Garion as his parents were murdered by Asharak. Durnik, who later travels with the Garion, is a black smith on the farm and helps to look after Garion.

Belgarath is a 7000 year old sorcerer who visits the farm every now and then. He is a storyteller and Garion decides he shall be called Mr Wolf. Times are changing on the farm, and when a new farm hand arrives, the small group decided to leave. This new person is Brill, and he causes the party grief by following them across the continents. They leave to chance the Orb, which has been stolen and will be used to raise the dread god Torak.

There is a prophecy to fulfil, hence the name of the book, and we meet more of the band that will make the prophecy happen. Of course, we do not know the prophecy at this stage of the book, as we are still being introduced to the world and the different gods, races and religions. We do know the prophecy will involve the Orb of Aldur - and will be either for good or bad.

Silk and Barak join the group. Silk is a guide, and merchant, a spy and a prince. Barak is the cousin to the King of Cherek. Garion is in very high company indeed. They all head off the Cherek where they will meet the rest of the Alorn kings and decided what to do about the Orb. The party then heads off on the trail of the orb, which was stolen by a child and Zedar.

The journey is full of danger and encounters. Fights happen, Garion gets into serious trouble and Barak turns into a Bear.


This is NOT a grimdark story. The heroes are heroes and it can appear that they win battles a little too easy. It also starts a little slow, but i believe this builds the characters and gives us a glimpse into everyday life. It can get fairly pacey and you can sometimes feel like you are being rushed, but this is a very minor point. All in all, i love this book. I consider it a comfort read book and i am sure i will read it again in another 15-20 years.

The Belgariad Series

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