The Belgariad

The Belgariad was written by David Eddings in the early 80's. I remember seeing it on a friends book shelf around 1984, but at that time i was busy reading the DragonLance books. It wasn't until nearly 10 years later that i started to read the books.

I was playing D&D with a group of friends, and they were all playing character types from the book. Of course, i had no idea about this until they told me. To get a better understanding, i started to read them, and i couldn't stop. I breezed through the books very quickly, then went onto the sequels, then onto other works by David Eddings. Turned out that i really liked how this author wrote.

Why did i like them? I believe it was down to the characters. They were all so likeable and i wanted them to succeed. I cheered when they won, and was sad when they failed. It brought out emotion, and this was the first series that i think really did this.

2017 sees me re-reading the series about 15 years after i read it last. My intention is to re-read all books in this series, and 5 in the Malloreon as well.