Reading Goals and Challenges of 2017

I like to have a goal
Created: Thursday, March 9, 2017
Updated: Friday, January 5, 2018

The overview

I have been a member on Goodreads for a while now, and i have been doing their reading challenge since 2012. I enjoy having a target to reach and i believe it is keeping me engaged in reading. My first goal was 24 books, this year is is 104. That's mainly because i include Audiobooks, Graphic Novels and Short Stories. At the end of the year, i will collate all the stats and give a nice feedback, but at the beginning - its the targets.

The Challenges

Goodreads 2017

This is to read 104 titles during the year. This is a fairly basic goal that is purely a number to achieve. Last year i clocked up 149 books, but things will change for me a little this year. Hopefully i will be moving house - so there goes a big chunk of time.

This is a fluid goal, so i will be using the Goodreads widget to give me an accurate figure.

Belgariad Re-read

I have not read the Belgariad for a while, and i think it is high time that i read that. I will be reading the Kindle Versions and this series will be one of the first that i will report as a series on this site.

Current Status: 5/5 books completed

Audible TBR list

I had a lot of books on my Audible account at one point. A goal last year was to halve it, which i did (from over 50 to about 25). This year, i want to get it to single figures. I am a sucker and purchase a lot of books when they come on daily deal, special 2 for 1 offers, or the £10 voucher. As i get a lot of Kindle books as well, i can get a lot of bargains for the £10.

Current Status: 28 titles still be completed

Non Fiction

Most of my reading is fiction, and i would like to change that a little during this year. As a result, i have given myself a target of reading 12 non fiction books. These can be from autobiographies to educational/training books.

Current Status: 7/12 completed

A quarter way there

So far i am fairly happy with where the reading is going. I have done very well and kept my Audible Purchases to a minimum, which has allowed me to catch up on a few. I still have a couple of titles that are books in a series that i am a few away from (Centurion by Simon Scarrow being one - this is book 8 and i have finished book 4).

My Non Fiction has not really started, but that'snot a problem. The goal was 12 in a year, not 1 a month. I have the Carrie Fisher book lined up to start soon.

The half way point

6 months have passed since i initiated this reading challenge. So, whats the position of my goals and progress? I have updated the above, but a few highlights.

I am ahead of schedule for the year, but about 12 books. This has been helped a little by a couple of shorter reads.

I have completed my Belgariad re-read, which i am pleased about. I really enjoyed reading the series again, but noticed a lot more this time round than i did before - like the racism in a lot of the characters.

I have increased my non-fiction. Still off the pace a little here, but 4 out of the 12 is not too bad.

My To Be Listened has increased a lot - thanks to some good offers from Audible. I did get it down to single figures, but a lot of 2 for 1 offers of some good titles meant i have increased this again. DOH! I will just have to work at getting some of these down again.

The End of the year

The end of the year has passed, and this is the results of my challenges.

I read 131 (titles) this year. This includes 88 audiobooks and 13 books. The rest was comicbooks and short stories. I finished my Belgariad re-read and really enjoyed that.

I did manage to get my Audible TBR list down to single figures at one point - but special offers saw that jump to over 40 again. The never ending list of books to be read/listened.

I did not finish all the non fiction books - stopping at 7. Many reasons for this, but the main one was that i just wanted to escape with a great story.


All in all, i am very happy with 2017. I read more than i hoped for, with audio and physical books. I wrote my first book during Nanowrimo (i made so many mistakes, and i am not happy with the story overall - but that has not stopped me). I joined the Kindle Unlimited for 3 months, to see if the service is of any use. 2018 will be a slightly slower year, as i want to write more - yes, i want to try and be an author myself.