These are the mumblings of a middle age geek. His mission: to watch, read, play all things he enjoys. To boldly NOT grow up.

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UK Games Expo 2017

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  • UK Games Expo
  • Convention

My adventures at the UK Games Expo 2017. Mainly game playing and walking. However, it was an enjoyable weekend - if a little tiring.

Destiny Tournament at Waylands Forge

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  • Star Wars
  • Star Wars Destiny

My first tournament of Star Wars Destiny at Waylands Forge in Birmingham today. I did not do well.

Suicide Squad

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  • Film Review

My opinions on Suicide Squad. Some nice settings, but a total mess of a plot.

The build continues

The build of the R2D2 is continuing - slowly. We are gathering up some extras, so i would assume we will be doing a lot in the future.

International TableTop day 2017

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  • TableTop Day
  • Board Games

International TableTop day is a day where we celebrate playing board/card games. This year, we are back at Webby's place for a day filled with a variety of games.

Escaping the Room

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  • Escape the Room
  • Entertainment

Our friend Jamie has been lost in time, and we need to find him. We have a number of puzzles to solve in a hour. Can it be done?

First Issues arrived for Trial run

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  • X-Wing Build Diary

After a few weeks wait, the first package arrived with the first two issues of the trial run of the X-Wing Build.

Commando: An 80's Classic

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  • 80s Action
  • Film Review

Recently had the chance to watch this film again and it was a blast from the past. Classic Arnie.

Magician's Gambit

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  • Book Review
  • Belgariad

More gods to meet, more people to join the band. This is my review of the re-read of this book.

Reading Goals and Challenges of 2017

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  • Reading Challenges
  • 2017

Here is the progress of all my reading challenges of 2017 and where i am currently at with them. This page will be evolving over the year, so you will see it pop up a fair amount