These are the mumblings of a middle age geek. His mission: to watch, read, play all things he enjoys. To boldly NOT grow up.

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Start Your Meeples

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  • Board Game
  • Blog

A good friend of mine has his own blog delving deep into the games. Articles include Game Theory to statistics to nostalgia.

UK Games Expo 2017

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  • UK Games Expo
  • Convention

My adventures at the UK Games Expo 2017. Mainly game playing and walking. However, it was an enjoyable weekend - if a little tiring.

Destiny Tournament at Waylands Forge

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  • Star Wars
  • Star Wars Destiny

My first tournament of Star Wars Destiny at Waylands Forge in Birmingham today. I did not do well.

Suicide Squad

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  • Film Review

My opinions on Suicide Squad. Some nice settings, but a total mess of a plot.

The build continues

The build of the R2D2 is continuing - slowly. We are gathering up some extras, so i would assume we will be doing a lot in the future.

International TableTop day 2017

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  • TableTop Day
  • Board Games

International TableTop day is a day where we celebrate playing board/card games. This year, we are back at Webby's place for a day filled with a variety of games.

Escaping the Room

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  • Escape the Room
  • Entertainment

Our friend Jamie has been lost in time, and we need to find him. We have a number of puzzles to solve in a hour. Can it be done?

First Issues arrived for Trial run

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  • X-Wing Build Diary

After a few weeks wait, the first package arrived with the first two issues of the trial run of the X-Wing Build.

Commando: An 80's Classic

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  • 80s Action
  • Film Review

Recently had the chance to watch this film again and it was a blast from the past. Classic Arnie.

Castle of Wizardry

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  • Book Review
  • Belgariad

The orb is back and Garion becomes King Belgarion, and this does not please Ce'Nedra. The prophecy starts to roll on towards the meeting of the child of light and the child of dark.